samples from cyclic processesnäytteitä syklisistä prosesseista

Solo exhibition
Galleria 2, Pirkkala, Finland

The exhibition presents works related to feedback, recycling and loops. There are macrocosmic particles, 16384 eyes, audio tape and a document of a recursive Instagram-performance.

Also included is a series of 293 still images representing a work-in-progress video piece The Great Wall of Sleep (working title). Chosen from the work’s mood reels, the series explores an alternative way to present a work based on moving image. The work welcomes the viewer to approach creative process through unfinishedness, while the cycle is incomplete.

Works present:
Marcocosmic Particles (2017)
The Great Wall of Sleep (Under Construction) (2017)
I<3U Sideways (2015/2017) (material derivative of Feedback: I<3U)
HIVE (downgraded) (2013)
Disembowelment (phase 3) (2016)
Kolmio (2017)