Niko Skorpio is a transdisciplinary artist based in Finland. He currently works with moving image, sound, photography and derelict media miscellanea. His background is in experimental music and graphic design.

Niko Skorpio has explored the frontiers of underground music since 1990, moving from extreme metal to experimental electronics, industrial noise and beyond. True to the DIY ethic, Skorpio released his sound works mostly in small editions on his own independent record labels.

Subsequently Skorpio expanded his focus to cinematic expression, experimental film and video art in particular. He continued art studies and got a Master’s Degree in Visual Culture and Contemporary Art at Aalto University, Finland.

NOW: Niko Skorpio works with images and sound in various forms, developing means for immersive audiovisual expression. He founded the PARAFERAL Creative Research Facility as an independent framework for research, development and production of new works. He gives solo and group exhibitions in Finland and his short films and video works have featured in screenings worldwide. He continues to record and perform experimental music both solo and with ongoing projects Metaorganism and TH€€€F.