Rajapïnta was formed by Niko Skorpio and Ibrahim Terzíc to experiment with electronic sound in live and studio setting. Active from 2002 to 2007, the duo performed actively in Finland and did an extensive amount of studio recording sessions. Two collections of recordings were produced to document this period.

Songs of the Weak

Songs of the Weak was a 9-month project for which Skorpio & Terzic set out to release a new track every week on the internet, beginning in July 2002. 21 tracks were released in total, with corresponding artwork for each.

01 – Truly
02 – Some Thing Purged
03 – Wishu Xwn
04 – Weakless 1
05 – Dear Green
06 – Unthoughts.4.de
07 – Got Out Opened
08 – The Border Station
09 – Raw New Eye
10 – No Estoy Muerta
11 – First Night in Hümmingstadt
12 – Circlin
13 – Rampa
14 – Dabadk-kk
15 – Ampar
16 – Fires
17 – Tail
18 – Veiltake
19 – Quoaroar
20 – Teeth
21 – In times of ch-ch

Sounds & arrangements by Niko Skorpio & Ibrahim Terzíc.
Images & art direction by Niko Skorpio.

Bootleg Epiphanies

Bootleg Epiphanies is a compilation of material composed and recorded 2001–2006, compiled and edited by Skorpio and released as an unofficial ‘bootleg’ CDr in 2007.

01 – Pressureplay (Brutal)
02 – Hairy Chickens
03 – Riptune
04 – Spider March
05 – Canary Dance
06 – Streched Qi
07 – Ion Flux
08 – Then Shall
09 – Manday
10 – Screamers
11 – Pressureplay (Faceless)
12 – Screamers 2
13 – Valo
14 – Live @ La-Bas 2004 (Excerpt)

Sounds & arrangements by Niko Skorpio & Ibrahim Terzíc.
Compiled & edited by Niko Skorpio.

Press clips

“Rajapinta doesn’t opt for the true all out wall of noise, but rather make a sharp combination of floating samples, letting them bounce up and down the scale, thus creating quite a lively set of music. Plus it’s not all noise that rings around here. They know how to pull back and put on a softer tune. Heavy duty musique concrete, turntable madness and enough computer plug ins to create a hard disk crash, it all kind of makes great sense here.” – Frans de Waard / Vital Weekly

“The tracks are brilliant in sound and it makes a Class-A amplifier struggle: Impressively layered sound-collages and noisescapes. And it’s all just a sample from hundreds of hours of work and experiments.” – Gothtronic

“This is not easy-listening music; in fact, very little about this release is easy to come to terms with – it is erratic, unsettling and more than a little frightening in its confrontational intensity. But it is nevertheless a monumental piece of modulated feedback set into sonic sculpture that makes no excuses for its avant-garde obscurity and absolute lack of mainstream appeal.” … “Its creators may be certifiably insane, but they know how to wrench every last nuance out of each tortured, snarling sample before chaining it into place with discordant, unexpected sequencing.” – Connexion Bizarre

Rajapinta & Kouhei Matsunaga live collaboration @ La-bas, Cable Factory, Helsinki 2003