RE_V was made as part 5 for the RE series of ten short films realised by the INTAC art collective.

RE is a multi-narrative collaboration project; it is based around the idea of story telling with the use of symbols (characters, scenarios, etc…). These symbols are meant to be very open to different interpretations so that the artists are able to create or change the meaning of these symbols in a way that is open and as uncontrolled as possible.

RE entire series on YouTube

Single-channel video
HD 1080p, 16:9, color
Audio 2.0
Images, sound, edit NIKO SKORPIO
RE series created by:
Niina Kiiveri, Eve Heino, Anu Mustonen, Laura Lehtinen, Niko Skorpio, Riikka Enne, Jung A Kim, Soo Hyun Kwon, Pat Navarro, Jessica Maltais, Gabriel Gutierrez.