I Want My Revolution

2017 | single channel video
03’50” | HD 720p, 16:9, color | stereo

I WANT MY REVOLUTION is based on a performance held at public space. An anonymous person, his head wrapped in bandage, runs errands at a shopping mall. The performance explores the conventions of quasi-public space as well as the reactions – or lack thereof – provoked in people and the performer himself.

I WANT MY REVOLUTION imitates the form of music videos. The soundtrack is an electro punk track by RØUG, featuring a text-to-speech vocalist.

I WANT MY REVOLUTION deals with the concepts of protest, revolt and revolution in late capitalistic consumer society. Is change possible in a milieu that converts subversive symbols into commodity and devours all revolutionary energy for its own propulsion?

Concept, performance and edit NIKO SKORPIO
Video footage O. YLI-VIIKARI
Still photos C.M. NGUYEN
Soundtrack RØUG
Production PARAFERAL