The Unfolding

The Unfolding is a polymorphous audiovisual work that applies multiple exposure and montage techniques. In the image, flickering lights emerge to reveal a luminous, amorphous, continuously unfolding form that simulates human figures. The bilateral symmetry observed in the image, akin to a kinetic Rorschach test, refers to symmetrical patterns found in nature and various lifeforms.

The image is accompanied by a variable electroacoustic drone soundtrack, initially inspired in tone and structure by tantric buddhist ritual music, subsequently taking diverse forms as a continuous experiment on the correspondence of sound and image. (For related sound recordings alone please see The Unfolding – Themes & Variations.)

The Unfolding is not stable, it has been observed to mutate over time. Currently the work exists in three variations for different environments and circumstances. Also a number of derivative ‘temporal snapshots’ have been captured and presented for further contemplation.


1. The Unfolding (emergent)

Live audiovisual performance. HD projection, stereo/surround sound. Duration variable. Sound and image manipulated in real time.

2. The Unfolding (in finite space)

Cinematic installation in a darkened space. HD projection with stereo/surround sound. Duration undetermined. Image and sound consist of asynchronous overlapping elements slowly morphing over time.

3. The Unfolding (in linear time)

Timebound variation for cinema/screening environments.
09’55”; HD; 16:9; stereo/surround.

Although based on the same source material and superficially similar to each other, the different variations suggest they are mere fragments of something that cannot be represented adequately within the constraints of time and space.

Mutable polymorphous audiovisual work in three variations
Concept, images, sound, edit NIKO SKORPIO
Production PARAFERAL

Temporal Snapshots

The Unfolding – Themes & Variations

2019 | Audio CD / Download

Niko Skorpio – The Unfolding – Themes & Variations – Special Research Edition CD + Booklet

Based on audio recordings made for the installation piece, the sound works have been developed further to function on their own, untethered from the projected imagery. The purpose remains the same: to create new spaces and events in the mind of the listener. More info…

> Audio CD

> Audio Download

The Unfolding – Filmic Superimpositions

2021– | Pigment prints, dimensions variable

The Unfolding - Filmic Superimposition 23 - Niko Skorpio
The Unfolding - Filmic Superimposition 01 - Niko Skorpio

Art prints produced from selected frames of The Unfolding footage. More information to be added soon…