Tyhjä joukko / Empty Set - Niko Skorpio

Ø – Empty Set (Tyhjä joukko)

In mathematics, empty set is a unique set of having no elements; its size or cardinality is zero.

Ø – Empty Set (Tyhjä joukko) is a series of automatic drawings with no predefined purpose or intent. A paradox, as if, asking the mirror who’s there. Made sporadically in a particular but unpredestined period of time.

A selection of the drawings were first exhibited at Vaihe 0 – Tyhjä joukko collaborative exhibition by Karhumaa+Skorpio at Taidekeskus Itä in Lappeenranta, Finland, 2021.

Ø – Empty Set (Tyhjä joukko)
A series of automatic drawings
Indian ink & mixed media on acid-free paper
Sizes variable