Niko Skorpio


Mapping intuitive spaces is central to my artistic practice. I favour chance and other means of rejecting control in order to surrender power to subconscious forces. The pursuit of alienation from human nature may reveal something about being human in this time and space. 

To let parallels and correspondences emerge, I multitask between various fields. These include making and capturing moving and still images; recording and manipulating sound; reading, thinking and writing. Although sometimes considered separate disciplines, to me these are just different facets of one and the same process. Ideas, themes, sounds and visuals overlap, they feed each other and bleed into each other during the process. Even though the final pieces may become seemingly separate entities, their shared origin resides in a unified source field. With no discernible beginning, end or a center, the process resembles a rhizome (see Deleuze & Guattari) or a mycelium (see Stamets, McKenna et al). The whole picture, the mycorrhiza, a symbiosis, remains undisclosed. 

Current special interests, relevant to the work:
— Synaesthetic qualities of sound, visual imagery and the receptive mind;
— Uniqueness, seriality, repetition;
— Urban spaces devoid of human presence;
— Surfaces as membranes between known and unknown;
— Non-human languages, symbols and architecture;
— Non-physical entities;
— Wandering aimlessly. 

These, too, are connected underneath.

NS 2022/02/22