I multitask between various fields, mostly: drawing and painting; sound production and recording; animation and video; reading, thinking and writing. Although sometimes considered separate disciplines, to me these are just different facets of one and the same process. Ideas, themes, sounds and visuals overlap, they feed each other and bleed into each other during the process. Even though the final pieces may become seemingly separate entities, they share the same source. Like mushrooms that sprout from an underground mycelium. I’m rather protective about the mycelium, it is sensitive to exposure and should never be revealed in entirety.

Current interests relevant to my work:
— Synaesthetic qualities of sound, visual imagery and the receptive mind;
— Primitive and obsolete tools in combination with latest high tech;
— Uniqueness, seriality, repetition;
— Urban spaces with no human presence;
— Surfaces as membranes between known and unknown;
— Non-human languages, symbols and architecture;
— Non-physical entities;
— Wandering aimlessly. 
These, too, are connected underneath.

Niko Skorpio 2020/07/10