Thergothon (1990–1993) was one of Niko Skorpio’s earliest music projects, a doom/death metal group that subsequently gained notable cult status in the metal underground and is often credited as a pioneer of the funeral doom subgenre. Two recordings were completed and released.

Fhtagn-nagh Yog-Sothoth

Fhtagn-nagh Yog-Sothoth – demo tape. Recorded November 1991, first released as a self-published cassette in 1991.

01 – Elemental
02 – Evoken
03 – Yet the Watchers Guard
04 – The Twilight Fade

Niko Skorpio – vocals, keyboard
Jori Sjöroos – drums, vocals
Mikko Ruotsalainen – guitar
Sami Kaveri – guitar

Lyrics by Niko Skorpio. Music by Thergothon.
Art direction & illustrations by Niko Skorpio.

Thergothon 1991, demo line-up.


Stream from the Heavens

Stream from the Heavens – full length album. Recorded October–November 1992, first released on CD by Avantgarde Music, Italy 1994.

01 – Everlasting
02 – Yet the Watchers Guard
03 – The Unknown Kadath-in-the-Cold-Waste
04 – Elemental
05 – Who Rides the Astral Wings
06 – Crying Blood + Crimson Snow

Niko Skorpio – vocals, keyboard
Jori Sjöroos – drums, guitar, vocals, keyboard
Mikko Ruotsalainen – guitar, keyboard

Lyrics by Niko Skorpio. Music by Thergothon. Recording engineer Markus Patrikainen. Art direction and typography by Niko Skorpio. Front cover photo by Keijo Sirkiä.

Thergothon 1992, album line-up.