Thergothon (1990–1993) was one of Niko Skorpio’s earliest music projects, a doom/death metal group that subsequently gained notable cult status in the metal underground and is often credited as a pioneer of the funeral doom subgenre. Two recordings were completed and released.

Fhtagn-nagh Yog-Sothoth

Demo, recorded November 1991.
First released as a self-published cassette in 1991.

01 – Elemental
02 – Evoken
03 – Yet the Watchers Guard
04 – The Twilight Fade

Niko Skorpio, Jori Sjöroos, Mikko Ruotsalainen, Sami Kaveri.

Lyrics by Niko Skorpio. Music by Thergothon.
Art direction & illustrations by Niko Skorpio.

Stream from the Heavens

Album, recorded October–November 1992.
First released on CD by Avantgarde Music, Italy 1994.

01 – Everlasting
02 – Yet the Watchers Guard
03 – The Unknown Kadath-in-the-Cold-Waste
04 – Elemental
05 – Who Rides the Astral Wings
06 – Crying Blood + Crimson Snow

Niko Skorpio, Jori Sjöroos, Mikko Ruotsalainen.

Lyrics by Niko Skorpio. Music by Thergothon. Recording engineer Markus Patrikainen. Art direction and typography by Niko Skorpio. Front cover photo by Keijo Sirkiä.