2007 — Origins

Metaorganism was conceived — or discovered — at the Some Place Else recording facilities (also known as Kuuskulma studio) while conducting various experiments audio equipment and feedback.

Metaorganism is based on — or communicates through — a network of digital and analog devices transmitting information to each other, back and forth. In the system, a minor change in a supposedly insignificant parameter may unexpectedly change the overall course of the sound. Everything affects everything — as above, so below…

At some point of its development, the system will reach a state of balance where it seems to become self-reliant — independent, evolving — and in a sense a communicating entity which becomes conscious of itself. A manifestation occurs, through sound.

The first few recording sessions led to the debut Metaorganism album called I:Baphomet, released on Some Place Else 2008.

2018 — Status update

Ten years have passed without another Metaorganism release. However, further research, development and test recordings have been made ‘under the radar’ throughout this time.

A diversion from the isolation of the studio took place in 2015 with a one-off live performance at the Magical Theatre in Tampere. This marked a breaking point of an intermediate period where some tools and concepts developed under the Metaorganism setting gained independence (and subsequently became TH€€€F).

Plans for the near future include compiling and editing selections from the unreleased 2008–2017 recordings for release, now called II / III, a double or triple album.

2020 — Status update

The work is ongoing. Metaorganism is functional, its rhizomes growing wider and denser, new works to emerge, eventually.

Metaorganism live @ Maagillinen Teatteri, Tampere, 2015. Photos by J. Parkku and Ovro.