TH€€€F (pronounced: /θiːf/ ) is a plunderphonic sound art project founded by Niko Skorpio. Focusing on live sampling of radio broadcasts and recorded music, TH€€€F aims to tear down the cultural notions of order and convention and enable something new emerge from the debris. What might appear as noise or nonsense to the culturally conditioned mind may unfold as vast non-euclidian landscapes or sentient sonic entities to one temporarily liberated from such constraints. As such, TH€€€F suggests a new kind of psychedelic music aimed for deep listening and self-exploration.

TH€€€F — I

The first TH€€€F release contains four studio recordings: two emanations from two distinct sources each. The physical version (CD) contains additional exclusive fifth track.

PFS1701 | Released by PARAFERAL Sound 2017.