A\H (1998-2001) was a solo project that focused on solely on computer-based modular sound synthesis to create abstract minimal compositions and sparse, sometimes brutalist soundscapes.


1999 | CDR | Some Place Else, Finland.
Recorded 1998–1999. Sounds & visuals by Niko Skorpio.

01 – nukka
02 –ruoto
03 –tuore ruoto
04 –muu maa

tuli en tuli

1999 | CDR | Some Place Else, Finland.
Recorded 1999. Sounds & visuals by Niko Skorpio.

01 – parasta ennen
02 – pH 2
03 – perille
04 – hautomo herää
05 – idiootit ja portaat
06 – riehu
07 – kaivos
08 – raita 2
09 – lakeus
10 – tuli


2000 | CDR | Some Place Else, Finland.
Recorded 2000. Sounds & visuals by Niko Skorpio.

01 – 001ekar
02 – 002wnL
03 – 0034614
04 – 00459th
05 – 005____


2001 | CDR | Some Place Else, Finland.
Recorded 2000–2001. Sounds & visuals by Niko Skorpio.

01 – Kasvu
02 – Kasvi
03 – Kasvain
04 – Kasvot

Press clips

“A\H works in a musical sphere not far away from Pan Sonic and Vladislav Delay. Minimal compositions often built on discreet beat pulses suppressed by electronic sound sheets moving from abrasive noise outbursts to more gentle low frequent soundscapes reminiscent of earliest Autechre.” – Vital Weekly

tuli en tuli is the second release by A\H from the Finnish label Some Place Else, following last years Palat. While I am unsure whether A\H are Finnish, the music I most associate with Finland is the minimal techno underground. Which in some ways I guess fits an element of what A\H do with this release. While the quote suggests that tuli en tuli fails to be ambient and dance music, I can’t quite figure out what that leaves. This CD-R by A\H is certainly a success at whatever it does end up being, providing an album which I have been enjoying, with “raita 2” and “tuli” being the tracks that come straight to mind as stand-outs.” – Remote Induction

“A\H hail from good ol Finland, and might be, after Pan Sonic and Vladislav Delay, the third rising star on the fringe of minimal techno or microwave. It’s certainly music that moves, but without the depth that can be found on an ordinary techno record. It’s bleepy, wacky and messy. It’s a kind of pure and raw music that is like the punkrock from the electro department (also the fact that it’s a CD-R helps placing it in the do it yourself corner). I like it a lot. It’s fine combination of Pan Sonic and Goem in strict analogue fashion.” – Vital Weekly

“I’ll stick with the first 4 pieces of clickwork working successfully from minimalism to heavily layered sounds which are not entirely comfortable. I think A\H could easily be contenders in this scene and the idea of freely available material could be just what realizes that potential.” – Remote Induction